Thursday, September 29, 2011

Enjoying Life

Hi everyone! Meet Looby.. He is my childhood teddy bear.

Anyway, I am very sorry that I haven't been blogging and uploading videos for awhile. It has been busy (oh come on, lame reason!). I have been out a lot and afterwards I just got too tired to do any blogging or vlogging. I have been thinking a lot about this though. I want to do vlog on my YouTube channel. But I'm not interesting enough.. :( And seeing my face on a video is just too awkward!

With this new laptop I got, I have been trying to get used to it, editing video without iMovie, new Photoshop without all the saving settings and action i made before, everything just made me feel awkward to edit the videos and pictures i took. I actually have a lot of pictures taken while I am not blogging. But I haven't edit it to make it 'bootifhul' enough for my blog.

Well, I hope I can manage to follow up my blog as soon as possible. Cause I miss spreading polish love out there. And as with my YouTube channel, I am not sure when I will be posting new nail art tutorial. Maybe a vlog soon, but who knows! Keep watching!

P.s. My dad has been a big influence to why I haven't been updating for awhile. As for this moment TOO, he is nagging for me to help him on his new laptop. Bleh! Can't I have 10 minutes of myself please, dad?!

Anyway, tutah! Hihi! ♥


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