Sunday, September 18, 2011

Zoya Mod Matte in Gloss!

This post is requested by my silly friend, Karly from NailBehavior. She wanted to know how the Zoya Mod Matte polish looks like with a glossy top coat on. Lolly and Mitzi are of course turns out cream colour, but Phoebe with top coat makes 'her' shimmer glows. They are very pretty both matte and glossy. I super love them so much. And what's best is that their colours are very contrast and bright, not something we found on normal polish. Picture tells a thousand words. :D

If you want to see the 'bright colour contrast' I was telling you about, please click the image and save them to your desktop. View it from your desktop for best image result.

Excuse the messy application, I was in a hurry cause I was going out with my parents and I had to take the picture today, before the sun is out.

Click the image for full HIGH QUALITY image.
I bought these polish myself.


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