Sunday, September 4, 2011

Teal Toes to Support Ovarian Cancer Awareness

A few days ago my friend asked me if I am going to put up a picture of my Teal Toes to support Ovarian Cancer Awareness. I was super confused because but I don't have exact teal colour. The only two close teal colour I have is Rimmel Sky High and OPI Ski Teal We Drop. Rimmel Sky High is more to turquoise, but I really love the colour, and it looks teal-ish under dimmed light. OPI Ski Teal We Drop is too dark, and the last time i paint it on my toes, it turns out gooey and ugly.

So I choose Rimmel Sky High for my Teal Toes colour! How do you like the colour? It is my favourite colour from my Rimmel collection. And it is one of my earlier collection from back in middle school ^^

What's your Teal Toes looks like?

For more information about Teal Toes visit:

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  1. Love your post and your whole blog, it's beautiful! Can't wait to see what you do with it in the future!


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