Sunday, September 4, 2011

First Post! ♥

Hi Welcome to my blog!

My name is Irene. Currently 21.. (22 in 16 days!) I am from Jakarta, Indonesia. I used to live in Sydney, Australia for over 8 years. I know, not much, but it really influence me and my english. I graduated last year as a graphic design student.

My obsession of nail polish started years ago, when i was still in middle school. Back then, I had little money to spend on nail polish. So I only get one or two once in a while.. At the end of my high school year, I had around a dozen or more bottles. I've been noticing my love for polish for awhile, but i keep ignoring it because it costs a lot, and my parents would scold me! But as soon as I graduated college, I went berserk for polishes. I start on selling some OPI polishes to gain some cash. But I ended up spending a lot more to buy for myself. I started with one OPI.. which became two.. then.. it just grows.. Like rodents.. o_o;; And yes, my parents also went berserk, cause I've been 'wasting' my money for polish...

So anyway, I don't want you readers to be just mere readers and know nothing about me.
Here is a list of what i am in words..:
- forgetful
- lazy
- obsessive compulsive
- emoticons :3
- music
- kpop
- japan
- mild otaku
- gamer girl
- crazy
- weird
- homey
- dream city paris
- obsessed on living in USA
- ...

Well, there we go, that's what i can think of as for now.
If you want to know me well, please contact me :)


Thank you for dropping by and read this till the end! Thank you! ^^v


  1. I'm the first one to comment :)wishing u luck with your new lovely blog and I'm follower too waiting for new posts

  2. @Etab Thank you a lot for the nice comment ^^ I just found a way to reply comment so sorry for late respond ;D


I always read comments and they make me very happy :D