Thursday, September 22, 2011

Birthday Mani and Update

Hi everyone! As some of you might know, yesterday, 20 Sept, was my birthday! I had a birthday dinner with my family on the 18th because my dad have to go to Malaysia on the 20th. Shucks :(. But anyway, I had a great time! I also got a birthday card from Sara! And an amazing (and also heavy) package from Maria! I will be posting a blog entry about the nail mail / presents from Maria in the future. For now, just enjoy this video of me unwrapping and gasping and squealing...

I know I haven't been updating my so called daily blog, but I have been busy lately, and I hope you understand. Today, I fell sick, and have been spending the day in my bed. Fever, sluggish, headache.. Just everything in one. Why do I get sick after my birthday? Who knows?

OPI Suzi Skis in Pyreness, CG Wireless Holo Top Coat, Nicole One Less Lonely Glitter, Nubar Nail Art Silver Glitter

Anyway, a day before the birthday dinner, I went to our secret nail group and posted that I need an idea for a birthday mani. Something with CG Wireless and gray / purple themed. A lot of you guys wrote amazing ideas to me, and also Maria is so amazing that she even recorded a video of the idea she came up with. But the next day, my mom was rushing me and told me to hurry cause we need to go out and stuff.. So I came up with something quick and simple, which is the picture above. How do you like it? Friends been telling me that they like it, but I was not happy with it. Why? It was hella chunky on the tip cause of the glitters. The next day it chipped and I got mad and peeled it. Then my Chihuahua, Queen, bit me on my thumb, and made a hole on the polish. Lucky it didn't got my nailbed. But yea, that mani lasted 2 days.

I saw that my nails getting yellow-er.. So I trimmed down my nails again.. shorter. My dad told me that I should just cut it all off, well I thought about it, but my nail bed is oval, so if I cut it all off, it will take ages to make a square tip nails again.

Oh! Another thing! My dad has been owing me a new laptop since last year, and apparently he felt bad and got me a brand new laptop for my birthday (THANKS DADDY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!). It is the Asus G74SX. It is super heavy, 5kgs / 10pounds. But the design is super sleek and omg amazing. The spec is amazing high, and review shows that this laptop is one of the best laptop out there. I agree that I am a gamer, and I need the spec to edit videos too. So this laptop is super perfect! (Don't worry my MacBookPro, I won't abandon you, I'll just erase your memory (reformat) and make you useful, somehow...

Thank you everyone of you who wished me happy birthday. I couldn't thank enough!



  1. wow seems u had wonderful bday..n best gift from maria... :)

  2. @Fashion Paradise Haha.. Yea it is! It's been years since I have birthday with family and gifts! Yay!

  3. wow, amazing gift from maria! looks fabby!

  4. yeah.. i agree! irene's nails are sooo fantabulous! i soooo love it that much!

  5. Happy belated birthday!
    And I like this mani, but yeah, I hate glitters too - they either chip or are pain to take off.
    Hope you are doing well. :)


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